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Are you looking for something to increase your financial income? Surely, a lot of us want this.

Well, we cannot say we are busy all the time unless we are the prominent/model/actress/, etc. even manager has his or her own free time.

If you are like me, that I am doing nothing in my free time or I mean when the time of no work at all like in the day off, vacation, holiday or finished job, this article is right for you.  As I was passing my time as an ofw, I Learned a lot of things. I learned to make it precious because as we all know or according to the truth and nothing but the truth that time is gold.  I do sure no one of us just to waste gold in our entire life as it is very precious, right! or you want just to go happy and go lucky. Always think of your future.  

I just want to share with you what I am doing sometimes to earn a little money. There are a lot of scam sites out there and we must be wise choosing and finding the real one. How to know? Research it deep and I assure you, we can get a lot of information about it. The above are genuine websites:


       This is a legitimate site where you can sign up and earn money. It is very easy. Just go to the website and sign up. Fill out all the boxes to set up your account. Connect it also in your paypal account or local bank account for your billings. After all set, check your dashboard to see those available jobs you know to complete.  It is more on micro task so you can finish the job in seconds or in how many minutes. Do not ever use VPNs in this just to finish a job because they will ban your account. It is not as much money rates but at least you can earn while no works at all or in waiting the time or someone, instead of browsing social networks and chatting just to pass the times.

I am almost doing this for years and I converted my earnings and transferred it into my paypal account. In withdrawing, there are 4 options which you can choose for payment method. These are the Dwolla (for US users only), MoneyBookers or Skrill, Paypal, and Payoneer. I had my paypal account but I prefer the Payoneer account since it is the easiest, fastest, and simplest way to withdraw earnings in microWorkers. Try to check it out the site so you can know it why I use Payoneer. If you want to follow my steps, and want to use Payoneer just click this link and sign up. To know more information, just subscribe me or write comments in the contacts page in my website and I am ready to answer your queries.

  Rewarding Panel.

          This website is for online surveys. It is simply just Sign up or you can use your Facebook account to sign up. If there are available survey they can just send you an e-mail which you provided.  Although there are only a few surveys.  Your finished survey is been recorded and your points are automatically added to your account. These points then will be converted to money. You can also join in the monthly contest to win but while joining your points are deducted.


This is a job portal where in there are a lot of advertiser post microjobs, gigs, or something which you can do to help them in their projects of works.  Browse and browse, dig deep until someone will reply to your applications since there are a lot of works posted on the website but surely there are also thousands of applicants like you so it is very difficult to catch one. If you catch one, it is still you are not assuring because you will first discuss things about the task and its payment.   If things all right and okay specially with the payment, then proceed to the project. Be sure to do your best with the project because you don’t know if the client gets you the very good job he or she will always give you the next project if he has or she has.  This is where I got one client.  This client not giving much work but at least if he has, he always contacting me.


It is almost the same with people per hour but needs exams in order to apply for specific tasks/job.  This website is Formerly the Odesk.


I think this is exclusive for Filipinos but not at all.  This is for work online as Virtual assistant part time or full time and other gigs which an employer posted.


This is also a dashboard of a lot of posted works from a different advertiser. To let you work from home or not remote. It Lets you choose what you are capable of and apply it.  If you did a good proposal and the employer wants it, then that is the time the poster will trust you to his/her project for you to do it.  A work can be a short term or long term.

PHOTOS/videos.  Instead of posting your own faces photos on your Facebook page, try to post the good captures in selected websites.  If you gained more viewers or let us say thousands, the website owner will pay you.  For short, getting viral.

Fliiby - I am not sure of this but there is a lot who is using it.  Try to check it out.  

Coina - This is a way of selling your good captures, a way of entering a contest through their challenges.  Upload your quality photos and see the results.

Foap - This is the same with coina and you can stock your quality photos to sell.

Twenty20 - This allows you to stock your quality photos to sell.  You can also join with their challenges to win and be paid.

Youtube - This is very popular.  If you know, you can upload your own videos and make money out of it, only if your video will become viral just do not forget to apply for the Google Adsense.  If you want to see one of my uploads, why not? Be sure not to upload those videos which are not yours or it is better for you to read and understand first their rules to know what you should upload to not get banned.


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