Wifi connection Problem

Today, Internet is very popular. Everyone is using it and has connected to smartphone, tablet, laptop, computers and even smartwatches through internet wifi or mobile data because this has a lot to do with.

Long time ago when smartphone came out, regular loads is the mostly widely used for communication especially the landline telephone.  Everybody is using smartphone when  the low retail cards (charge load) regular loads came out.  Then until these days  the so called internet came out also what's next to come out?  

Internet is the most widely used to communicate with everyone who has connected to it.  Now, there are many issues occurring sometimes in this internet connections.  It can be very slow, no internet at all, cannot connect even the settings and password are correct, keep on choppy in calls, and so on and etc. 

In my experience as one user because I also encountered this problem that is why I am writing this just to share it.  I am so upset when it is happining to my smartphone and to my laptop specially that I am always watching movie and some home works I am doing to earn.  I was also wondering why it is only for me since my roommates has connections.  Is it because I am using android phone and them is iphone? but the thing is I have the same kind of laptop with the laptop of my room mate and she has connection and I do not have.  What is this?  It is really so upsetting.  I just thinking of something bad that maybe someone blocked my gadget but really I do not know.


In smartphone, there is an exclamation mark on the internet signal icon.  This is mostly occurring to android smartphones especially to Sony Experia.  

        case:  With the same signal strength, the same internet provider, the same connection, the same phone, and nothing changes to the settings but suddenly this exclamation mark in your internet signal showing in your phone just showed up there in your phone and you cannot used the internet since you are not connected on it.  


The strength of your signal is very slow.
                      Your phone is been updated.  Like a sony experia mobile, applications now a days are always updating and so with your mobile system automatically updating.  In that updating, if the phone is android 4.0 it is becoming increasing and increasing and it will become android 5 such something like this.  In this case of sony experia that is why it is not connecting to internet and you should upgrade also the strength of your internet.  Some doing in this kind of problems are rebooting the phone, keep in safe mode for a while, resetting the phone/factory reset, or decrease the gadgets connected to the wifi.
                       Sometimes, the problem is from the internet provider .  Just wait for 2-3 days maybe they are just fixing their systems or it is just down system.  
                       Some causing the stop of your connection is that if you installed  antivirus in your phone or in your laptop especially Avast. Try to changed it to licensed one.  

In computer, it is almost the same as the above case as smartphone does that you cannot connect to the internet. There is this exclamation showing. 

If you are trying to resolve this through troubleshoot, it is saying your DNS might not be available.

In my case, I go on through this you tube tips, I did what they showed but still I cannot resolve it.  I wasted my time in these you tube advice and nothing happened the worst is i do not know how to return it back the things I just did to my computer.  The thing is I reformatted my computer and it is resolved.

If doing all these steps are not still resolved, call the service provider for any suggestions or better  request to change the password.

Logging in to the service Provider (Oreddoo-Qatar)

1.  Get the IP Address of your internet
      ......for mobile - go to settings, wifi, long press wifi to pop up the modify network, type in the IP address to your browser and the website page of the service provider will open. Log-in - username and password: admin
2. After logging-in,  you can check if how many gadgets connected to your internet in the page.  Check each gadgets.

Reformatting the Laptop Windows 8

*****before reformatting the computer, backup first all your files save it in USB or CD.

Go to start button, at the very 1st left button in your window.  Select the setting, go to update & recovery select the options appropriate to you and go on to the next step.

Turning in a mobile in safe mode (Sony Experia Z1)

Long press the power button.

If the option pop-up,

long press the power off

and a Reboot to Safe mode pop-up then click OK. Set it for at least 5 minutes and turn off again to off to safe mode.



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