Jollychic Review

Do you love shopping?  shopping is a fun.  Most ladies go to the mall for shopping either they will buy or not.  For me, I love to go shopping but the thing is I am easily getting tired these days maybe I am really tired because ever since there is a lot and more walking. Sometimes in my shopping, I saw the things I wanted to buy the times I do not have enough money.  But in the time I really wanted to buy the things I wanted to buy, the things I wanted to buy is not available or it happens that I do not see the good one. It is bad sometimes like this scenario since I boost a lot of time but in the end there is nothing I bought. 

Nowadays buying online is becoming popular and it is no hassle.  Just click and click, and just wait until your order will come.  This is how easy it is.

There are many attractive shopping stores online popping -up as ads in all websites we are opening especially in Facebook, yahoo mail, and etc.  The most popular are Amazon, EBay, Lazada, and so much more. One also is the shop of Jolly chic.  This is very popular and they have a lot of attractive and cheapest products specially in clothing and in shoes. I am one of their online shopper because there are a lots of their products I love in their store but the thing is I do not know exactly how their sizes are.  You know even you know the size of the items you want to buy but the problem is sizes are not all the same.  We can say size 25 in levis but when it comes to Jag is like 25.5-26 but the size exactly to them is 25. Like in this Jolly chic, the sizes of their product is small.  

I had ordered these Items for the first time.  

1. Women's Pumps Sexy Solid Pointed Toes Rivet Pendant Flat Buckle Shoes.

        I love this sandal it is so perfect. The size is ok but this strap is difficult to fix if you are in a hurry.  It should be a gartered.  This silver pasted buttons on it is so shiny.  

2. Women's Sandals Pointed Toe Thick Heel Faddish Shoes. 

            I love this style.  It is so styled but I don’t know if I bought the wrong size or it is just their sizes are small.  The size I order is perfect but when I used it, really it is pain in the toe since it is small and the material is hard.  The material they used in this specially this light brown color, is easily scratched. you should be very careful so that it will not scratched but how you can avoid it.  I really love the style.

3.  Men's Slippers Skidproof Cozy Durable Simple Style Leather Slippers. This sandal is soft. 

     The size is small. Hoping it is not easily damaged.

4.  Men's Synthetic Leather Jacket Thicken Warm Stylish Jacket. 

       I love this kind of jacket.  It is soft and really good but the problem is the size is small. 

In the payment according to the jolly chic, it is mentioned in the website that it is a free delivery and it can be a cash on delivery or not there are a lot of option in the payment method but if you choose to be cash on delivery, they will add additional charge for the shifting.  What I did is I paid it through PayPal and they did not charge me anything. 

For the shipping, it is mentioned in the website that they will deliver it within 7-10 days but when I finally finished my order and waiting for it, the good thing is you can view the status of your order in their website once you are signed-up and I saw the estimated delivery day is until 23 days... what is this? It takes too long, right?  so it is exactly, I received it in the 23rd day of the month. 


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