The life of OFW

I once was said in one of my blog that I am new to being OFW, a first timer.  Now I it is almost 4 years staying abroad. When I first came, I am so very excited. I really wanted to experience working from other country and now I am on it. This is it.

It is easy for a single one to come abroad than of course those married one. I mean not financial matters but because they are sacrificing to leave their kid just to work abroad. Almost of my workmates were married with a kid. I remember one of them keeps on crying while we are about to left her son as we go in our way going to the airport. She is so sad in leaving her family. But I as one is very excited.

Experiencing Qatar is very different and the work also which I am expecting is different.  The weather is hot, and the water also is hot.

My description of the country is small if you see it on the map.  There are bad hearsays about it but still, there are a lot of foreigners coming in and going out and I found out that those bad hearsays are not all true. Well, some maybe true but not all. People from here almost have a good nose, tall and only a few are those short especially to ladies. As you met them in your ways their smells meeting you also. They are more on perfumes.

Working in the country is very good if the company you belong is good and has a high income such as banks, oil and gas company, and some government company and a private company. If you came here by business visa and therefore was hired directly by the company, the salary is very good and of course their benefits. If you are hired by the groups of company it is either direct or local hiring, your salary is half of that required salary of the country, your company getting 50-55 % of your salary as they are the one processing your visa, and ID, providing house, local transportation, and bills such as water bills and electric bills. Others are all your own financial expenses. In some companies, they are giving free foods, free mobile data recharge, and others.

As an OFW, no other things to do, only the everyday work and home and sometimes church. Going to visit some places is rare, going to the mall is always since we need to withdraw salary, buy foods, and to send money.

Well, there are many times to be free but what to do in those hours or even days especially in holidays? For me as a one who’s not always going out and happy and go lucky is looking for something to make money.  I am looking for a part time job but it is difficult to find. 
Although there are but not sure of your security since a part time jobs in the country is not allowed.

Now, the best one I am thinking is looking for a job online, any sideline but did not get any. Well, there are a lot but it is difficult to get a regular one. Only sometimes. Some OFW has been joining in an organization. Well, this is one way of socializing and it very good. This organization always going out in their majority day off to parks for gatherings, playing games and celebrating birthdays if there is. One time one relative invited me to join them and I once went with her and it is very nice. This is one way to an OFW not to get bored.  I had a list and facts about OFWs. 

Advices to OFWs 

•    Take care of yourself not just to have a money.  Some ladies going with someone else whoever she met online for dating even she or he doesn’t know well the person especially if other nationality.
•    Work well with the presence of the Almighty God. Always ask the guidance of the Lord God Almighty, He is the best who help us in all our ways, in our works, and in everything we do.
•    Meet your good friend to date with, not another man. Find a good way to make money to be busy and not getting bored. 
•    Go to church if it is the day of worship. This is to always do the one of the ten commandment of the Lord which is “Remember the Sabbath day” 
•    Visit some places. While settling in the country, get this opportunity to explore the place. •    Do not let yourself influenced by those bad people around you.  One saying says…”my attitude depends on your attitudes”.  This is really true, in my experience but let us not forget that if you can avoid and be a good one, stick with it. Do not be influenced by those who have not good but if you can advise them, let it be. If not, better avoid. If you are the one who has more understanding, more professional, be the one to influence them instead. 
•    Do not trust much your friend as they are your first enemy later.  These are almost happening both abroad and not.  Maybe it is because we are all not in the same perception, not the same likes; all of us have a different and unique way as a one person. If the twin has the same in a face, the same likes, the same to everything but there is always a difference it can be an attitude.  That is why there is always a reason to not understand each other.
•    Always think a time is a gold.  Learn to do something in your free time and not to be bored. Make yourself busy.  Find some part time, do some DIY and sell or use, learn something online, always talk to your family, and etc.

To those families of an OFW, I know you don’t understand some situation because you are not on to it.  Your partner as well is; you did everything just to one of you will come abroad is because of the situation at home that we need to have a work for our daily living to be sustained. She or he is aware of these things but because of changes or some situation that is happening in abroad, it might be changed.

Try this some tips to avoid some unwanted issues that it might occur
•    Always communicate with him or her.   Ask everything what she or he is doing in times of no work. Discuss some plans and businesses.  Always tell everything what is happening at home especially about your child’s.
•    Know some of her or his friends in abroad. If possible to communicate with these friends to ask about your partner and maintain this communication, why not.
•    Use the money he or she is sending in good and important ways.



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