The Life of Jobseeker

Hello jobless! may I ask you if where you are mostly seeking a job? in what way?  Is it in your place or international?  Well, there are many suggested or recommended options which you have to consider as a job seeker while you are in your journey. Whoah! Feel the life of jobseeker, good luck.  It’s really not as easy as just going there and gets it in.

In my experience as a job seeker in my whole life is so difficult if you are the person who is not lucky, really it is difficult.  Why I said difficult? You’ll see soon if you are in the journey.
In my searching, it is really tiring and more boosting of nervousness.  I much prefer to be referred by someone because this is the easiest and fastest way to enter in or to have the said job.  No interview, no application, no exams, and just direct to orientation and a little introduction to employees.

I got my previous jobs through the referral of my friend as I had mentioned. She had been working as On-The-Job Training in the company during our college time.  The one I replace got birth and she cannot continue to work after birth for some reasons.  I was hired then as job order since it is the status of vacancy. When I finished the contract, the company renewed it by month per months and they cannot continue to fund my salary as there is not enough fund.  So it meant and sad to move on and to look a job to another company.  I tried searching a job again and never catch one until my cousin referred me to a private school where she is working and I got accepted.

Years passed by, it suddenly came to my taste that I do not like to work anymore, it is likely I am tired of working hard, I was so bored and later I managed quiting in my job.  I just wanted to look something new. It is, but really it’s like I’m looking for a something new just a different. That is to find an international job.    So, I resigned in my current job and applied for an international job. I applied through workabroad website.  I searched jobs that are relevant in my education and experiences and applied it.  After 4 months, I got a call from the agency who posted the job I applied and they are inviting me to join in the scheduled interview. I packed up my things and traveled since I am in another place which is far to them that’s why I need to travel in advance.  One thing I remembered in the scene is the secretary called me again that the interview was postponed by the foreign interviewer so I was told not to go.  I am so upset that time since I am on my way.  I don’t know what to do. It came to my mind that I will still go to their office just to get some information and to see the office location and I did it.  When I reached the office and talked to the secretary, Oh! she said and got amazed and stating that she is supposed to call me again to inform that the interview must be finished in that day.  Means the foreign interviewer is not postponing the scheduled interview.  Oh, it is very complicated.  I think they misunderstood each other about the dates and time. The interview is through skype.  Then on the spot, I had passed in the interview and was accepted, I was really amazed and very happy.

I was told then to get prepared and to continue to complete my some documents. These are the training certificate, medical certificate, NBI clearance and authenticated NSO birth certificate.  The others are to be prepared by the agency such as the SSS; PAG-IBIG, Insurance, and others.

After 2 months, my papers and documents were ready and fully completed and prepared   for the travel.

I am so excited for new life, new challenges, and new to anything.  Looking back to some of my experiences in job seeking, some things are the below highlights.

     If it is in your local place, there are many ways to look at it. The following are important.

     1.  Advertisement - (media)local newspaper, television, and, radio, (Social Media) facebook, twitter, instagram, and etc.

     2. Website - In big companies or in a government, they are posted on their own website and posted in a trusted ad posting website.

     3.  Hearsays - Those who know and aware of the vacancy whether in their workplace, with their boss, superior, supervisor, and etc.

     4. Posting - it is whether printed in a tarpaulin, written in a paper, or in a cartolina that is posted in the buildings, store, commercial building, or in bulletin boards.

     5. Referrals - This is through to your friends, father/mother, classmates, cousin, or whoever wanted to help you because they know that you are qualified and capable of doing the job well.

If it is international, it is almost the same as above, only that you have to broaden your search not only in your place but you have to go far and travel to the city to city in order to seek this fucking job which you do not know when and where you can find it.  Easy to those who are skilled, experienced, intelligent, and to those who are with master’s degree, with certificates and diplomas, bachelor’s degree, and with professional licensed but how about for those who are not and who is not. Well, there some lucky and there are not. Huh, good luck to those who are like me, struggling to find one.
Anyway, there is always hope I know there is always hope just do the best and God will do the rest. He is not just leaving us but always helping us in any ways.

These are the websites where to find jobs online International such as:

•    Jobs DB - for Singapore, Hongkong, Indonesia, Thailand
•    Indeed - for Australia, Singapore, Canada, and etc. Just type position and location where       you wanted.

Sponsored jobs

•    Gumtree - For Australia
•    Seek
•    LinkIn

For Canada Jobs

•    Monster  -  This Website lets you create your own account in order to apply for any jobs
•    Workopolis  - You can create an account on this website or not. You can apply without                                      registration.
    Job Bank  -   This is a very friendly website, you can apply it by just getting the email.
•    Jobsog - hot jobs and not only around Canada. There are other places like Australia,                                 Germany, and others.
•  OXY

For Side Jobs

Microworker – this is a microjob which is free and easy to do a task as in only for how many minutes.  Doing facebook likes, facebook posts, Instagram, you tube and some other social sites.

Rewarding panel – this is an online survey.  They just ask some few questions which are relevant to your experience and observations in your society, product, or any which concerns to you and the people around you.


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