The Behaviors of Autism: My Nephew is Autistic

Did you ever seen or encountered a person who has a different behavior than others? Acting super hyper? Well, there are many kinds of those behaviors we are encountering anywhere and we must understand them because they are also human like us.  Just their minds are very different than us that is why they act differently.  They have their own way.  Now, what happened is the people keep on seeing them, kids can tell bad words, mock them and even some adult. Those people who do not understand well, sometimes I consider them an illiterate especially if they use to say something which is not good to my ears just because they encounter a kid who is misbehaving.  Even those educated ones just they don’t understand the situation.

I as one who has a nephew who is an autistic is very difficult sometimes.  It needs a lot and super care and understandings. 

Autism is a deficiency syndrome that occurs to a baby mostly when during two to three years of age.  The doctor explains that it is a complex brain disorder.  

It has different types; 

  • a classic autism, 
  • Asperger disorder, and a 
  • typical autism.   
Some Unfamiliar Ways to the Child

  • My nephew is a classic type. His mother first discovered it when he is in his two years of age.  She realized that his baby uttered mama at his early age but as the days gone by, she didn’t hear any more.  It seems just stopped and disappeared. Only he murmured mmmm. 
  • She also saw that his child is not playing well with the other kids like somebody else’s does. Just he plays alone.   
  • He is not getting what he wants, instead, he will pull your hands and direct it to the one he wants.  He meant that you will be the one who will get for him.  
  • In his pee and poop, he cannot even remove his own pants.  He gets anybody’s hand and directs it to his pants zipper for you to unzip and to remove it for him then that’s the time he will run into the toilet and take note, he doesn’t know how to use the bowl, he just does it everywhere in the area.  
  • He might tantrums anytime if he doesn’t take whatever he wants. 
There are a lot of differences with other kids so that’s the time her mother consult him with the doctor.  The doctors then referred her to another doctor. 
My sister-in-law found the right doctor and got it there for his child’s consultation and the doctor observed well my nephew.  That’s the time he explained all everything with the child’s behavioral acts.  Then, we understand well my nephew’s situation and know what to do in some cases especially how to discipline whenever he got tantrums.
The doctor told that he must to undergo therapies, which are the speech therapy and physical therapy.  He recommended various therapy centers and to maintain monthly consultation.  When we went to the therapy center and I saw a lot of kids with different problems.  My nephew is different because if you see him at first, you don’t know he has that kind of case until he will do anything which is different.  Therapy is expensive and just 30 minutes per session.   He has to undergo speech and physical therapy, that is two session and has to complete three sessions per week with the two therapy.  It is very expensive but he must undergo for that.  Also, the people around him have to be educated about how to interact with him always every day as a part of his learning process. 

My nephew is so lovely and sometimes giving happiness.  I was once asked to myself that why he is like this I mean why he got this case, why he is the one then I am realizing that well, this kind of existence to one child has no reason.  It is a God gifts to once in a family.  I heard mostly that the existence of this to the family brings good luck.  I don’t know if it is true. 

I, who is always with my nephew since her mother left to work and his father as well are very difficult, I experiencing many sacrifices in order for him to learn new things.  Really I wanted him to be nurtured with good and right commands as he grows up but I failed since I need also to grow for my own and to find my way of living.  If only I could do anything just to be with him, I can do it but there are some reasons.
I remember one thing When his first lost. When I first got my job in another place, I took him also with me with my sister who will see after him.  One day my sister doesn’t notice that he is not around in the house and in the houses' neighbor.  She directly reported it to the police and informed me also.  I called my cousins and my aunt asking help to search him.  I, as an office worker, got out and search also.  As I am walking around the public market area, I suddenly spotted him with the saleswoman shouting him to go away because he is trying to get any of her bread. From then, he learned to go out alone but don’t know how to go back.

Monthly Routines

  • When I am with him, we use to go to church, to the mall and visiting some places on weekends.  

  • In weekdays, he is going in his class, one hour class in DepEd every day, 30 minutes in PT, 30 minutes in speech, 30 minutes in dancing, and other 30 minutes in other PT all these in a week, not every day.  

Even though it is difficult to manage, I always want him to experience every other kid doing in such a way he can learn and experience something else such as in going to play in the park and eating in the restaurant.  He loves Jollibee, every time he sees it; he must go to eat or to buy some food in there even he will go to his class.  So what I am doing is to evade any Jollibee in his eyes by using another way.  

One time I ever not forgetting is when we are in Mcdonalds to eat, I ordered what we usually eating except French fries which he is not usually eating. I saw him not eating as I do and I ask him why he still not to start eating he suddenly tantrums, crying out loud and run and coming back to me and pulling my hands directing me to the counter.   All the people stared at us. I told him to stop and show me what he wants, he just pulled me in the counter and I saw the photo of french fries which I remembered I did not buy.  I told to the lady to give me one regular and she gave me,  the time he saw it, he stopped crying and we went back to our table.  Some murmurs’ I heard is “oh my god, he only cried for fries!” that’s it, huh.   He uses to do whatever he wants and if you will not allow him, he can cry out loud, push something or someone he can, even things he will throw it and I cannot even stop him.  All I am doing is just to embrace him tight and talked to him promising what he loved and he will calm down.  Even people seeing me and telling something, I don’t care them.  Some say…that kid must not go out, he should stay at home. Yea, if I do these things, how can he discover and learn something new in his life as a child.  One thing also is during in his dance class, the teacher is teaching dance each one by one, so as the teacher left my nephew, he suddenly tantrum, pushing all kids jumping and running around with his cry out loud as he can, he even pushed the teacher and somebody else's he see, if I go to him, he runs away from me.  All the kids run and got scared and the parents got angered also to him as he disturbed the whole class and pushed anyone.  One man came and caught him and put him in a vacant room until he stopped crying.  I go to him and talked to him promising to eat in Jollibee and he calms down and stopped crying.  Until then, he didn’t continue his dancing class.   The school moved his schedule and it conflicts to some of his class schedules.  The worst thing I don’t ever forget is he used to go out alone, he ran as he wants to go to the park all day long.  One day, after his class in DepEd, his aunt late in picking him up so he cannot see anybody who will take him home so he jumped over the fence.  There is a post beside the gate where there is a high unused chair and he can get up with the post and jump down from the gate and no one saw him only one kid who is deaf and dumb.  As his aunt arrived and start to find him but she cannot see him and she asked the guard, they cannot figure it out where he is, and then the kid who saw him, he acting he jumped over the gate.  Then, his aunt phoned me saying he is missing; I know he went to the park so I went directly to the park to find him.  Then suddenly I met him up on the sidewalk without the uniform only the inner trouser he used and no school backpack.  He is wet; maybe he played in the waterfall.  That is not the only time he went out alone, there are many times.  Sometimes we got a call from the police station that someone brought him in the station.  Really the first time he does it in the city, I don’t know what I really felt.  That time there is an event in the city and people are watching fire crackers, they are so happy and enjoying watching as the crackers crack up in the air, all I hear is their noise and the crackers but I am their panicking finding my nephew around the dim lights in the park. The police keep on saying I will stay calm that there are police who is looking after him as they said I will sit and wait.  But I didn’t, I go out and keep searching him until I found him with different clothes walking in the center of the road, my gosh he is the car and the car is the person. I then shouted him and he came to me.

So anybody there who has a special child, don’t ever lose your temper, stretch your arms as wide as you can to protect them, to care for them and show that he or she is loved and to be loved.  I know it is difficult but you should as one parent. 

For the people also don’t have a special one, try to understand their situation as they don’t have the mind like as you are and some other kids does .  What if one of your children also has the case, you will feel also the same, I am sure.  Because I saw that few of those people who understands and keep helping those children to develop on their own.   


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