Stay Fit and Healthy

Stay Fit and Healthy is the best option to everyone.  Everyone like this but how we will attain it? or How can we be?

As one OFW, who is a routine is just in a work in an office and at home, and other activities if there are.  Who is always just sitting down as usual and doing office works, doing light jobs, little walks, no extra movements to stretch each muscles in the body which means I need to exercise.  Exercising is very important but you know sometimes I do not have discipline to myself, I mostly getting lazy to exercise, getting lazy to jog which leads to unfit and unhealthy. When it comes to food, I always eat and eat because of course I feel hungry. What is this? It is not good, right?  I wanted to change this habit of mine.  Can you join with me? Let us do this challenge "Stay Fit and Healthy" and see what it happens and changes our lives. 

In these days, I observed that I am getting fat unlike before that even I am eating all what I wanted to eat but still I am not becoming fat, my weigh is always the same which is a questionable for me because I wanted to increase my weigh even just little little.  I am aiming the weighs I wanted and I could not get it, maybe because I am always lacked of sleep and not like sweets food. I eat little just to fill my stomach and not too much. But today, I am eating like the same before, nothing change it is almost the same, eating when hungry. And I am seeing that my kilograms are increasing and increasing.  Maybe my hormone is changing because I am getting older.  I wanted to stop the increasing of my weigh, that is why I decreased the amount of rice I am eating.

Now that I aimed the weigh I want, I wanted to stay the same.  Because the time I am getting fat, I observed that my stomach is becoming big which is not good since if I use fitted clothes it is tracing my little big tummy.  I wanted to "Stay Fit and Healthy". Because I am always getting hungry which will make me always eating and eating of course it will happen to become fat in this case, right? Plus, no exercise at all. It is really bad.

Now, because it is normal for us to feel hungry, of course we have to eat, right? and the wrong is if we are eating too much or not eating which leads to unhealthy diet. As I have said in one of my blog and in according to experts, this is a big "DON'T SKIP MEALS" just reduce and replace those foods you are eating.

In my experienced, I found these foods which we have to include in our diet to not easy to get hungry with the exchange of rice. A food which is full of nutrient. Any of the above and partner with brown bread (fiber). The brown bread should be with peanut butter or cheese with some kinds of drinks and a water.  Water is essential but I used it as my drinks sometimes it is a hot water only.  If not, a black tea or black coffee with no sugar or less honey instead of sugar.

Foods to Eat to Stay Full Longer
1.  Avocado - This could be in a form of shake or vegetable salad,
2.  Potato - It can be a fried or mashed
3.  Sweet Potato - It can be mashed or fried
4. Nuts - all kinds of nuts
5. Black Chocolate
6. Pasta
7. Berries - all kinds of berries
8. Boiled Eggs

 For more information, please read also "Maintaining Good Body Figure Naturally" or "Gain WeightNaturally".

There are Important Factors to Consider When in Times of Dieting

1.  Discipline - I knew this word is a little bit difference in this topic but it is important to include because of our behavior sometimes that we always saying "only now, sometimes, once in a month, a year...and so on but the thing is how many times we are saying these words in a day or in a week and keep on just saying it.  We must to have discipline to ourselves in a way to do the right way.

2.  Exercise - we all know that this is important since we are not a gymnastics, a farmer, a physical Education Teacher, and so on and etc. We believe that this exercising habit does many factors in our lives. Read more about exercise in this Wikipedia. 

3.  Water - In my early years of age, I am not drinking a lot of water.  I drink only sometimes and it is only little amount.  Until when there was a time that I always feel bloated, could not poop, only little pee, and with little pain when peeing. I started then to drink more water but still I cannot attain drinking the 8 glasses of water in a day.  When I tried and completed the 8 glasses of water, I observe that I am always farting but wait! it is not odorous as you thinking. I then reduce the amount of water I am drinking, my fart also reduced.  Maybe this could be the cause of water and how many sodium of the water I am drinking.  So I am just drinking a 3-4 bottles of 330 ml of water in a day for me not to always farting and it was effective.

4. Drinks - Since we cannot avoid these drinks especially during summer, it is important also to observe what to drink.  A fruit drinks, shakes, cocktails are very good to consume than those sodas. 

5.  Fruits - Fruits are the best to eat.  These are fresh and natural which is full of vitamins.  Some of us just eating a lot especially if it our favorite but this is not advisable.  We can just little but every day. 


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