Reviews on wireless earphone bluetooth

A wireless earphone is not necessary for everybody since there is an earphone which is always with the smartphone whenever you buy one. The wireless is a kind that we just wanted to use but I can say that it is necessary to drivers especially in the time of their travels, you know while they are driving they must not with their phone or else it will cause them accident.  It is easy for them to use it, only it will cause them to always charge for ready to use. 

I have these different kinds of wireless earphone bluetooth which I am not satisfied that is why I keep on changing and buying one to find the best one.

1.  X.Cell Bluetooth 535

This is the nicest one and good.  You can use it on your mobile and laptop in music and in videos. The calling pair also is very clear only the charged is not staying longer especially if it is always opened.  The missing here is no buttons within it for volume ups and down or even pause, it is only the button turning on and off.

2. LB-365 Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless.

This is good only for media.  Calling is not really good since the calling pair doesn't hear you good or it is choppy. I love this kind if i am using it for media, it is very clear and good. You can use this longer than the bluetooth 535, I mean from the fully charging to usage.

3.  HV - 8 Bluetooth V4.0 Headset

This is a Wireless Stereo Neckband Hands-free Headphone for any android and apple Smart Phones. It can be also in laptop and in a tablet.  It is nice only the vibration is strong for me, you know if you connect it and disconnect it will automatically vibrating. 

4.  BT-300 Mono Bluetooth Headset Handsfree Bluetooth

This is used only for calling and sometimes it is not clear and choppy.  I enjoyed using this while I am on my vacation a year ago with skype and regular calls. It was my first bluetooth I ever had before. only I cannot use it to for movies and to hear music, and etc.  It is really intended only for callings.

3.  Mini Portable Water-resistant Bluetooth Speaker

This is a Mini Portable Water-resistant Bluetooth Speaker BTS-06 which you can connect to a phone and laptop.  


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