Refreshing What is Valentine’s Day?

A valentine’s day is a celebration of couple or lovers who have been in love or have been in a relationship for until or over one year, since it is celebrated yearly in every February 14.  This is the most common definition of this term. 

Do you have an idea all about what is this day? why does it name as Valentine’s Day and for what reason? Why it exists nowadays?

According to what is written, Valentine’s Day is also called Saint Valentine’s Day.  In other words is the feast of saint valentine.  It came from the name Valentinus.  Valentinus during in centuries is been imprisoned because he is been performing to wed those soldiers who were forbidden to marry and ministering to Christians secretly that is why he was been executed. He is against the rules that whoever assigned during the war is not allowed to get married so what he did is secretly weds them.  Before his execution, he made a letter to the daughters’ jailer and signed as “your valentine”.  This daughter of his jailer is a one whom he healed. So this is the day, it was then called as Valentine’s Day as honoring what he did.

Then, it was carried from year to year and was celebrated to as romantic love. Giving flowers or chocolates to someone and sending greetings card to each other to express love.  Valentine’s Day symbols are the hearts shape, doves, and the figure of the winged cupid.

Nowadays is been popular to Christians even it is not included as a holiday.  There are many people saying if they don’t have boyfriend or girlfriend, they don’t enjoy this Valentine day.  Some couples or lovers celebrate it by going to a date; eating in the restaurant without their kids, some are with the kids, and going to some places just to make the day special to them. I remember the priest where I stayed before why he gives me cash and told me to enjoy my day with my friend that was when I didn’t realize that it was a day of valentine since I am still young. So, I then ask him why? But he said it is a valentine’s day.  Oh! I said it with “I don’t even know how to celebrate it” and he said, “Just invite your best friend and go to eat together in the nice restaurant”. I said, “Okay, thanks”. 
When it happened that I had been in love, this is now I sense the humor of this valentine’s day but the stronger one is the monthsary or anniversary celebration.  It meant that remembering the days we made vows with each other’s in terms of accepting his and my love to be in the relationship. 
No matter what it is but it is good to remember and celebrate this Valentine’s Day as you are loved and to be loved by the people around you especially your families, your work mates, friends and in the church.  One time also I appreciate my boss once gave me a flower even he is not a Christian but at least he is appreciating my hard works maybe that is why he gave me a flower. 

In some country, the one who has pets can give something gifts to their pets on the day of valentine.  For some others also who is single, it is believed and it is good to celebrate SAD, single awareness day. To commiserate in their single status. According to some people in Finland, instead of Valentine’s Day, they usually this day as friend’s day.  It is more happy to celebrate with many friends that only your partner.


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