Places to Visit in Qatar

Everyone loves going to places to here and over there, which place and everywhere; where is known as tourist spots. The nice places where to stroll and to hung-up with friends, boyfriends, girlfriends or whoever whom you wanted with.  It is very thrilling, exciting, fun and enjoying but more or less it is tiring.  One of the places I encountered or I am encountering while I am in the place is the stated above.  There are so much more but these are the popular places.

1.     Parks

 Aspire Park

One of the great parks in Qatar is the Aspire; it is the best where you can also exercise, most especially jogging and walking. There are also some exercising materials settled up in the park which you can do your set-ups.

I and my friends sometimes visiting Aspire Park before proceeding Villagio Mall, the nearest in the park to buy something and to visit remittance center which in fact this remittance center is never been avoided every month or twice or even thrice just for sending money and withdrawing salary.  You know and I am sure the life of OFW, right! If you are an OFW too.

 Al Bidda Park

This is in front of Corniche near Souq.  It is a family free park where you can see a lot of people together with their families, or with their friends.  It is really a nice place where you can stroll. When I first visit the place, it is a group of Filipinos where my relative once invited me to join with that is why I came up.   The group always gathering in the place for picnicking, having games, celebrating birthdays in there and have fun.  They usually cook a lot of foods and bringing them in the place where they talked about in their previous meetings.  It is nice joining with them for a getting together.  It is actually an organization which is free in joining but of course, as a member, there is always a commitment.  

Corniche Park

Aside from working, visiting some places makes to feel free of stress, to enjoy oneself, to relax, and to build some sorts of like exercising like in a way of walking.

This is a park related to the sea in Corniche.  The Museum of Islamic Art also can be located at the end of this park. 

One place I and my friends visited is this Corniche of Doha, this is one of the most visited in the place because of its' attractive display, it's facing the road going to and fro especially through the City Center Mall. Looking in the sea and riding the boat is awesome. Boating is only for 10 Qatari riyals for each in one round.  It is so exciting and not so fast. It is good to feel the embraces of the wind throughout the sea. 

This Corniche is a coastline surrounded by hotels and restaurant, Museum of Islamic Art, and buildings.  It is connected with a magnificent park. On the side of this, there is a walkway where in people can walk and use for jogging. In the day of Qatar Sport's Day, The corniche is full of people.

Barzan Park

This is where I once relocate in my work.  It is located in Um-Salal. It is a paid park before when it is owned by Qatar Olympic Committee but it is free nowadays.  It has a children’s park such as swaying, sliding, and motor riding, there is also a place where to play a game like a basketball, volleyball, and Tennis. Some locals were celebrating their birthday, having games and eating with their varieties of food in the place.  One time also, a group of Asian embassies celebrating an annual party like a group came from a member of the embassy of Philippines, an embassy of China, Embassy of Korea, and etc.

Beside of this park had an indoor swimming and gymnastics for men and behind of this is a playground and they usually play some softballs.

Sheraton Park. 
This is the end corner if you are walking over Corniche.  There are a lot of building around this park such as this Sheraton Hotel, the so-called condom tower and etc.  This is where I first met one new friend from Tunisia. 

2.     Beaches

Al Gareya Beach

Escapade to Al Gareya Beach. The feeling of the summer thirsts everyone to swimming.

 Al Gareya Beach is a one hour trip from Doha. No more or fewer people swimming on the beach, unlike other beaches. The water is not hot and not cold. It is warm, a very good and perfect taste.  Not also deep even going far from the edge. I and my friend's group enjoyed much swimming. Swimming here and there, eating and swimming again and again. Swimming is one of the best exercises if you know, right!  Camping is fun, thrilling but tiring.  It is for relaxation also and to forget about work for a moment.  Sometimes going with some people from other countries is the best, to get to know each other, to build a relationship, and for friendship. 

Al Khor
A lot of people also enjoying swimming in the place.  A lot of different nationalities with their friends or families.  Some of them are just roaming around, some are eating, and so on.
The first time I visit the place is very exciting, of course, it is my first time to see the sea of Qatar, although I didn’t enjoy the swimming because of its crowdedness perhaps at least I see what it looks like. 


Is known as a family beach.  This is where you can see locals who are enjoying their families together.  I enjoyed a lot in swimming in the place.  It is so much fun since the water is not as deep and not as that only above knee level although at some point.


This is for all.   A lot of people swimming in the area. It is the same as Alkhor.  Although not only swimming is the thrilling in sealine, there is also the motor riding near the place.  You only pay for some amount to enjoy motor riding in the dessert.

3.     The pearl/West Bay

Enjoying to feel the breezes of the air while on a boat or in a jet ski or in yachts is so exciting. Someone invited me and my friends to experience sitting in yachts during the time. It is my first time experiencing the rides in yachts but it Is only less than an hour just to feel the breezes of the air of west bay sea going around. 

4.     Katara

It is so nice to stroll over in Katara to feel the breezes of the air coming from the sea.  Eating, and having a coffee is the most experienced by others in this place.  To watch and to join the celebration of some activities and events such as and mostly the presentation of different cultures from different places.  If there are a special occasion like festivals, during the Ramadan, sports day and the national sports day. 

The first time I visit the place is that it has a man made mountainous which has a stunning light everywhere and it is very attractive.  The mountainous is just prepared because of special occasion of the country.

5.    Souq

Souq Market – This is where you can see shop stores around; Kabayan store and supermarket from Philippine products.  Almost vendors are Indians.  This is where you can buy cheap goods such as phones, watches, clothes and so much more.

Old Souq Market/Souq Waqif– Where you can buy something else in standard prizes.  You can find all things in the place.  The best thing is there is provided chairs to sit if you are tired in roaming around the market.  There are a good restaurant and coffee shop also in the place to sit and eat or having coffee. 

6.     Malls In Doha

City Center, Villagio Mall, Izdan Mall, Landmark Mall, Mall of Qatar, Gulf Mall, The Gate Mall, Tawar Mall, Lagoona Mall, The Mall, Al Hazm Mall, Dar-Al Salam Mall, Royal Plaza, Mirqab Mall, Sharaf DG Qatar, Grand Mall Qatar, Al Asmahk Mall, Wathnan Mall.

IKEA – Full storage of everything and this is a wide building, 20-30 from Doha.  This is where you can roam around maybe in a day to seek the good things and perfect for a house.  To buy also wholesale, furniture’s and so much more. Complete things will be found in the place. 

7.     Others


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