Places to visit in Baguio City Philippines

Do you want to experience the so fresh and a cold most especially in winter season? Baguio city is the right place for you. Welcome to the city of Pine. Baguio city is a very nice place. It is the so called “the summer capital of the Philippines” or “city of Pines”. This is because of its mountainous and is full of trees.  Baguio city is located in Northern Luzon Region of the Philippines. The coldest temperature is 9 degrees when it is winter but if it is in summer, it is almost reaching 22 degrees in the morning and afternoon. Baguio city is among of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR). It belongs to Benguet Province if you see it on the map. The people living in CAR are called Igorots.  They speak Ilokano language and therefore called as Ilokano but most of the people living in the City came from  Abra, Apayao, Benguet, Kalinga, Ifugao, and Mountain Province, and others. Most of them are called kankanaeys, ibaloys, ifontok, and etc.

What almost tourists like and keep coming back again and again in the city is the very good weather and the place is full of beautiful and stunning sceneries around and nearby.

Let us see various tourist spots in this area

•    Camp John Hay – this is the most and popular place that tourists never ever forgot since there are a lot of exciting activities you can explore in the area and this is a very wide place. You will be tired in entering the place but not yet finished viewing all the beauties of nature inside. If you are fond of gulf game, you can find and play it in here. There are great hotels and restaurants in the place so you do not worry about dwellings and foods. Experience the zip line, climbing, and more walking around.

You can find also the following in the place:

*Bell house - used to be the official vacation residence of the Commanding General of the Philippines years ago it was but transformed into a museum that exemplifies American colonial architecture nowadays.

THE CEMETERY OF NEGATIVISM - known as the Lost Cemetery. A lot of oddly hilarious gravestones mark the site.  It was established by the base’s commanding general John Hightower in the early 1980s.  It is a symbolic site for the burying of negativities — thoughts, emotions, attitude. 


Philippine Military Academy – This is the training ground for the military and you see them around, it has a chapel, housing units and the grandstand where a lot of functions were held. This has an outdoor museum of artillery and friendship monuments. It is nice to see those cadets in their marching, so amazing. There is also some military equipment in the place.

•    The Mansion House – this is where the president of the Philippines dwell whenever visiting Baguio city. The place is surrounded with stunning parks and beauty spots. There is also the riding of horses near this place.

•    Burnham Park - experience the boating, biking, skating, and etc. in the park. Kids can super enjoy playing in the children’s park. There are swaying, sliding, climbing, skating, bumper cars, and etc. There is an area in the park where they displaying the flower float during Panagbenga Festival after the Panagbenga parade.

•    Mines View Park – this is a very nice place to view the nearest around the place because of its outskirts designs.

•    Botanical Garden – you can see a lot of lovely and stunning blooms of botanic plants in this area. This is a collection of wide range of plants cultivated in the place.

Aside from Baguio city spots, there are also in the nearest places

•    The strawberry farm- do you want to see how the strawberry planted and get harvested?  This is the purpose of the farm why it is opened for viewing since it is a nice and attractive most especially for tourists.  You can find the farm located in La Trinidad Benguet km6 where you can see a lot and wide farm of strawberries and flowers.  You can pick it on your own if you want to buy fresh.

•    The museum – see some different oldest artifacts of people from then and even till present. Some things reminding of some histories from old folks.

•    Tam-awan Village - this is full of charming collections that represent those people from old folks and some histories of some provinces in CAR for reminiscing. There are few artist in the area who is sketching your face if you wanted in just how many minutes.

•    Bell church - this is the so called Chinese Temple.  Once you start to walked up to enter into its gate is likely you are in China, all things around were in Chinese arts. Feel to be in China.

•    Mount Santo Thomas -  this is a peaked mountain in the place where you can view some places in Baguio. If you are an adventurous or a mountain climber, this is a nice place to explore, to boosts your energy, and to take out your sweats.

•    Mt. Kalugong Eco Park– one place too for of an adventurous one is this Mount Kalugong.  Climbing the rocks is breathtaking just to see the panoramic view of La Trinidad. You can see huts representing histories from some provinces of CAR. The place is awesome and so peacefully.

If you are thinking of Boracay, the exchange is this hot spring.  Are you looking for a swimming? Swimming with your friends and families, workmates and someone? As to celebrate a party, enjoy and explore, there are this hot springs which are just nearby. Don’t worry for your children also because they have their own children's pool. Hotsprings in the place is natural since there are no beaches in the place. It is naturally coming out from deep in some spots where in they made as swimming pool and the waters are truly natural and running. 

The above are well- known resorts to go for relaxing. Some of these resorts accepting booking only and some are no not.

•    River view
•    Palm Grove Hot Springs and Mountain Resort
•    Asin Hot Springs
•    Itogon Hot Springs
•    Mountain View Resort
•    Rainbow Resort
•    Carlo Trese Swimming Pool



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