Origami Vase and Flower

This is a stunning display as well as very helpful in the house or in the office. If you are the one who likes to make something different stuff.  This is one thing good for you.

There are a lot of things we can make from garbage.  Some people say there is money in the garbage. The question is how come there is money in the garbage? The tip is how you can turn that garbage into a useful one and then sell it? It is very simple, in that way you have money if you sold what you made. One craft I will share you is very simple and easy to make, this flower vase from any kind of paper. It could be a magazine, newspaper, scrap bond papers, thin boxes (box of a bear brand, bath soup, etc.), colored papers, and cartolina. You can make it as a very beautiful display like flower vase, can be a vase to something else which is a useful one. Some people can make it like a duck form but it is pen container, crayons, or some clips.

       These are only the things you will need:

•    A bulk of Magazine/ newspaper/ scrap bond paper
•    Scissors
•    Cutter
•    Glue
•    Brush
•    Water color/paint (optional)
•    Little amount of water


1.    Get the magazines and cut into the same sizes. The size can be 1 inches wide by 8 inches long whatever size you wish.  It can be small, medium or large size. For me, I prefer small one (1x8 inches).  It is a good size but it takes more time and efforts. Cut as many as you can, try 300 pcs first and then cut again.

2.    Get one piece and fold the paper in half to crease the equal size, open and fold from the half line both sides to make like a triangle.

3.    Fold the excess paper at the bottom. Cut the small triangle both sides to make a perfect triangle.

4.    Make a lot of pieces.  Pick one and connect with each other’s until you make a circle.

5.    Connect and try 70 pieces all depending on what size you wished. At the end, connect both sides to make a circle.

6.    Now, reverse the connected paper to look like a crown and start to tap up one piece between the connected two pieces to connect at the top and tap more pieces until it will come up. You can make your own designs as it is building up.  

7.    If you are using colored paper, while building it up, you must observe topping up if which color you put for you to form a design color.

8.    If you are using plain used bond paper which on the back page is blank, this is where you can apply paint or water color after finishing the whole, you can paint it with different colors or one color. It depends on you if what you want a color design.

9.    Leave it in few minutes to dry.  Take the glue and separate it in a small container, add little amount of water and stir to mix it well and then apply to your craft to paste those connections and to make shine also to your craft. Let it dry.

Well, if there is a vase, then there is a flower. 

One thing I had made is the paper flower.  These are the things to prepare.

1.     Cut thin wires the same in length.
2.     Bond paper – scrap
3.    Glue/paste
4.    Water color if desired
5.    Scissors
6.    Colored papers
7.    Brush
8.    Crepe papers


1.    First of all, search a flower you want to make. Get the picture. This picture is your pattern in making the flower.

2.    The stem is the wire so you can form it like the flower you want to make.  If it is an orchid, form the wire like the stem of the orchid. Combine a lot of wires to make the main branch if there. Twist it to become one in combining. In the twisting, include the wire where you will put the leaves, many if it is many leaves.

3.    Make the leaves of the flower. Again, refer to the picture if what is the leaf of the flower so that you can draw the same on bond paper and cut it. Be sure to make 2 pieces with the same cut.

4.    Paste these 2 pieces of leaves you cut but with the wire in between. Make a lot to make the flower you desire.

5.    To the petals of the flower if there, make origami flower using the colored paper.  If not, cut the crepe paper to make it. Origami flower is the best only you can just search on you tube on how to make it. Now, connect these petals with the leaves you pasted with the wire. If it is with the leaf or separated.

6.    To cover the wires you formed, apply glue into it to paste the green crepe paper. Wrap it around the wires until you cover all the entire wires.

7.    Leave it in how many minutes to dry.

8.    Paint the leaves according to the picture you are imitating. Also with the petals.

9.    Leave it in a few moments to dry and then apply the paste to the whole flower.  The paste is the combination of glue and a little water mixed well to paste it well the leaves and to shine also like varnished.

10.    Leave it in how many minutes to dry.

11.    Now, it is ready to put it into the vase you have had just made.

Look what you have had made, if it is not good try to make it by next time and it will surely nice as it is your first time to do it.  You can sell this item to your friends, friends' of friend or teacher or whoever wants to buy it because it is amazing and wonderful as a display.


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