Overseas Foreign Workers (OFWs) scattered all around the world. We cannot deny the fact that Filipinos are one of it. Filipinos in my term are called pusang gala (cats are everywhere in the corner). Even in the war zone such as in Iraq, one of my aunties is still there.   She said they are many Filipinos in the place.  It is almost 2.3 million according to also to National Statistics Office survey year 2014.  What's more nowadays around the world.  I’m not sure if Iraq is included in the survey which foreign are not allowed going within because of it is a war zone.

I am one, and just came in Doha Qatar since June 2013; it's my first time to come abroad. It was very exciting.  

Seeing Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) is my first time also.  It has its 3 terminals: terminal 1, 2, and 3. within the terminal is full of people going out and coming in, finding which lane depending on the country where to travel. Each lane has its people in a long line for the initial checking of the documents and weighing of baggage one by one.  After which is followed by another process such as stamping of documents and etc. It is long process also to stay in the airport while they are checking on the documents no wonder why in some cases that even visas are approved but there are still a lot of those who are off loaded at the airport.

The first time I left the Philippines with Qatar Airways is not pretty much good because of heavy rain and a thunderstorm. The air plain had been waiting for almost 4 hours before landing from the time of the said departure. When the airplane starts to go up high, the feeling is like a dream that I am falling down to the deepest point. Qatar Airways attendant is serving light snacks and one-time meal with teas or drinks to fulfill the hungriness.  Eating while watching a movie, sleeping, going to the toilet is the routine in an air travel.  It is so tiring to sit for a long hour. The travel is completely 9 hours plus 4 hours delay, it is a direct flight. After the airplane lands then, all the passengers getting down and directed to a terminal minibus.  That is maybe about 5 minutes to reach the Doha International Airport. I and my group going directly to claim our own luggage and went out to the airport. That time I feel the hotness of Qatar that is about 37 degree Celsius. It is very hot. It's like I'm beside or at the back in the left or right side whatever just I feel like a huge fire is near to me. It happens that it is the month of summer when I arrived.

Qatar has a dry, subtropical desert climate, with low annual rainfall and intensely hot and humid summers. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Qatar when temperatures are warm but not hot and the evenings can be pleasantly cool.

Qatar is a nice place, Imagine a place where is in the desert, no mountains, a few trees, and only dates which are always around. No adventures to experience maybe there is but it is only in the sealine for swimming.  For me, it’s a nice place when it comes to works especially for Engineers and Architectures.

This Qatar is a very small country but there a lot of foreigners, Indians are more than, followed by Filipinos, Nepali, and etc. There are more foreigners than locals.  Some of the locals understand and speak english and some are zero as well as also with other nationalities. In my work place, as office assistant my workmates were indian, srilankan, nepali, bangladishi, and kenyan.  For the office staff also, some of them are from Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, India, and Sudan.  The buildings are huge and have different designs.  Seeing it in the night time is colorful. 

Oil and gas are their richest in the country that is why they are one in the list of the world’s richest country.  I saw that vehicle fuel is very low, it is 1 qatari riyal per liter.  It came up nowadays just a little bit but still low comparing in other place is very high but in riding up in a taxi here is expensive.  Only on a bus is low as that of vehicle fuel price but riding in a bus is difficult especially if your location is not on their route.   Gas also is very low as 120 pesos if comparing in the Philippines and we consumed it for over 1 month or it can reach until 2 months.   Drinking water is expensive maybe because of its hotness, and his dessert that cannot provide water for it.  Water temperature in the faucet is depending on the weather if it is hot, the water also in the faucet is hot, and so with cold if it is cold, and the water in the faucet is also cold.  I remember my first time I used the water to washed my hands and I got scared as it is hot.  So, what we are doing is dump water on a drum to let it cool before using it. 

Rice is the same price in the Philippines also, there are some which are expensive and there are not. Most of the foods are processed from another country like India, Pakistan, UEA, and etc. and so with fruits.  Only few which is processed in the country.  I always used to cook with chicken or chicken alone but still not good as it is not fresh.  That is why I searched a livestock but nothing I found.  There is not maybe it is there but they are not selling livestock. 

Let’s see a basic synopsis

  • National sports day                February 
  • Ramadan                                June
  • Eid                                         August
  • National day                          December

Religion                                   Islam
  • Thobe                                     For men
  • Abaya                                     For women

Language                                 Arabic
Currency                                 Qatari riyal   (qr)

Weather                                   Summer, winter, autumn  
Temperature                           1.5 °C  lowest in winter and 50 °C highest in summer   

Weather problems                  Humidity, sandstorm, and winter   

This is where I saw the realities of being OFW.  As I observed to some nationality who are in the place and who are married were mostly separated to their husband and wife.  I think I know the reasons why.  Every man I am encountering, they always say they are separated even not why because of something else, I know you knew it but not at all just almost. Every OFW has his/her own mission that is why sacrificed and being far from families came up.  The only one is because of work or job, right?  But as I go on my journey as OFW, there are a lot of differences,  I don’t know why they are doing it why they don’t just stick to their mission and nothing else not to make a plus and plus or major problems with their life. If they cannot cope up with their so called homesickness, there are lots of interval medicines just not to take the major problems of OFWs and be with them.   I am sorry to those who are sensing it and affected but this is the reality.   Please realize it well, assists yourself and be a good one.  Every sin has its own unseen payment as you go on if not for you, your family or loved one.  Be naked or be transparent.  All of us cannot make transparent as the crystal water is but at least do what you know what is right.  


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