Managing Twitter Account

Do you usually use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or whatsoever social media you are using in these days?  I Am pretty sure you are? Because these are very popular and easy to use. Even other kids do have their own.

Social Media are in demand nowadays, for it is very powerful. These are one result of high technologies that is why social media keep on coming out and it is like an epidemic that is spreading in seconds everywhere around the globe.  Everyone has its own social media and few do not have.  These are the so called Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc.

The impact of these social media is very strong because imagine how it spreads around with so many users.  So, everyone is using it to reach and how to interact with family, love one, friends, and who else’s whom we wanted to reach around the world.

For some, they are using also to promote and to market their businesses, products, services, and etc. in order to spread it to the people who need to know and to learn what it is. Some can use it to posts something as requirement regarding in their works. Some also just to use it as for fun.  Some can sell their accounts if they wanted but only if there are thousands of followers in their account.
In order to reach more audiences to social media, one of the best things is to level up your followers.  In my journey as one user in this social media is not as easy re-growing my followers since I do not have enough uploads in my accounts. One tip to attract audiences is to upload more attractive photos and videos which content are very useful, important, funny, and so much more in order to become popular and viral. Like in my twitter, as a beginner, I should find my friends accounts and follow them one by one but still, my friends are not enough and so I follow whoever I see in my account just to reach my target number of audiences. Some are following me back but some are not. Now, I think I found solutions and I am doing it right now. Thanks to some free applications that we can use it whenever we like.

To manage account in twitter is very simple; to follow and unfollow but it takes much time. In twitter, in the following portion, we cannot see those who are not following back, right?  Only the numbers of followers and following.  The problem is always the number of following is more than the number of followers. In my work as a part timer, I cannot post because of the requirement that the numbers of followers are lesser than the following, it should be at least half of the numbers of the following.  So how can I manage it easily? Who do others not following me back? Why she or he cannot follow me back? Well, maybe some are a closed account, some are could not access, some already reach their limits, and some just do not like to follow you because they do not know you.
To know those who are not following you back, by using the application, you can easily see it.

         1. Unfollowgram -  this is an application allows you to use it free.  No need to download just go to the website and sign up.  Sign up is easy because they just let you connect it to your twitter account.  Just log in to your twitter and authorize it. There is a limitation of 20 counts per day.  What I am doing sometimes is going to their own account and unfollow them one by one. Even there is a limitation but at least you can easily see those followers and unfollowers.

         2.  Anatweet - Almost the same as unfollowgram. 


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