Gain Weight Naturally

If there are people who are easy to gain weight, there are people who also difficult to gain weight.  Some say that naturally skinny people seem to be biologically programmed to stay at a given weight but this is not true. Some people say… ”it is difficult to reduce weight but it is easy to get fat” which is not true also. It depends on the metabolism of an individual.  Our fitness success depends heavily on our habit. Many of my observations in the past that someone who has a skinny body but after few years, they become fat.  Some fat also becomes thin. Because this is how much depends on your metabolism and activity levels, depends on our living and what foods we are eating.   If you are gaining weight so fast, study your metabolism and as well as those people who want to gain weight.  a too thin body is unhealthy.  Weigh yourself and calculate if you are of normal weight. To determine how much you should weigh (your ideal body weight) several factors should be considered, including age, muscle-fat ratio, height, sex, and bone density.
The measure:

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure that compares height to weight and is measured by taking weight / (height x height), where weight is in kg and height in meters. So somebody weighing 75 kg and having a height of 175 cm would have a BMI of:
24.5 = 75 / (1.75 * 1.75)

•    divide your weight in kilograms (kg) by your height in meters (m)
•    then divide the answer by your height again to get your BMI
For example:
•    if you weigh 70kg and you're 1.75m tall, divide 70 by 1.75 – the answer is 40
•    then divide 40 by 1.75 – the answer is 22.9
•    your BMI is 22.9kg/m2

•    Underweight: BMI is less than 18.5
•    Normal weight: BMI is 18.5 to 24.9
•    Overweight: BMI is 25 to 29.9
•    Obese: BMI is 30 or more

If it happens that your weight is abnormal, try to consult a physician.  If not, assess your own self.  How is your eating habit? Do you eat a lot and too much but still you cannot become fat? Do you have an eating disorder? This is your problem, and it is recommended to consult a doctor.  But if you are like me that everything I eat, it does not affect my weight. It is because I did not eat a lot but I usually eat and I am more love salty foods than sweet. If you have eating disorders, try to take-up vitamins. If it does not affect, change the vitamin especially a branded one.  To gain weight, you need to eat more calories than your body burns. Perhaps try some steps and observe carefully your weight.

  1. Eating – eat more as you want especially if you are hungry,    eat regular, and avoid eating too much sugary food and fatty foods.  It is believed that eating too much sugary food makes you gain weight but this is unhealthy. 

  • Eat foods that are high in carbs and/or fats has more calories per serving.
  • Eat a whole source of protein with each meal. 
  • Always track your food intake since we always saying that we are eating more but little the rest of the week.
  • Junk food is tempting for gaining weight because it’s calorie-dense. McDonald’s is cheap and high in sugars and fats. Same with kebabs, chips, cookies, fries, ice cream, etc. But eating too much junk food builds bad eating habits that will get you fat in the long-term, especially around your belly.
  • Eat more calories than your body burns
  • Eat a lot of energy-dense foods and use sauces, spices, and condiments

What to Eat:

  • fruits
  • Meat: Chicken, beef, pork, lamb, etc. Choose fattier cuts.
  • whole eggs
  • Shake mixing oats,
  • Steaks, ground round
  • Tubers: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, and yams.
  •  Dark chocolate, avocados, peanut butter, coconut milk,   granola, trail mixes.
  • Tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines, fish
  • Yogurt, cottage cheese, milk
  • Nuts: walnuts, almonds, peanut butter, mixed nuts, trail mix, …
  • Dried fruits: raisins, dates, prunes, apricots, …
  • High-fat Dairy: whole milk, full-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, cream…
  • Grains: pasta, rice, oats, bread, sandwiches, …
  • Potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, …
  • Fats: olive oil, coconut, avocado, …
  • Meat: chicken, beef, fatty fish, …

2.  Exercise - This is essential to our body especially if you are one of a kind who is not working on home chores.  Some people say… ”you are very thin, and you even exercise?” it is not a good phrase. Don’t lose hope.  Exercise is essential to our body just you are in good health.  Exercise boosts your energy and makes you tired and easy to get hungry, in this way, you can eat a lot.

  •  Lift Heavy Weights and Improve Your Strength

3.    Sleeping – maintain 8-9 hours a day.  If you cannot sleep this long, try to take up vitamins as I mention above and Observe it carefully.

Tips for gaining weight

Here are 10 more tips to gain weight:

  1.  Don’t drink water before meals. This can fill your stomach and make it harder to get in enough calories.
  2.  Eat more often. Squeeze in an additional meal or snack whenever you can, such as before bed.
  3. Drink milk. Drinking whole milk to quench thirst is a simple way to get more high-quality protein and calories.
  4. Try weight gainer shakes. If you are really struggling then you can try weight gainer shakes. These are very high in protein, carbs, and calories.
  5. Use bigger plates. Definitely use large plates if you are trying to get in more calories, as smaller plates cause people to automatically eat less.
  6.  Add cream to your coffee. This is a simple way to add in more calories.
  7. Take creatine. The muscle building supplement creatine monohydrate can help you gain a few pounds in muscle weight.
  8. Get quality sleep. Sleeping properly is very important for muscle growth.
  9. Eat your protein first and vegetables last. If you have a mix of foods on your plate, eat the calorie-dense and protein-rich foods first. Eat the vegetables last.
  10. Don’t smoke. Smokers tend to weigh less than non-smokers, and quitting smoking often leads to weight gain.


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