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Stay Fit and Healthy

Stay Fit and Healthy is the best option to everyone.  Everyone like this but how we will attain it? or How can we be?

As one OFW, who is a routine is just in a work in an office and at home, and other activities if there are.  Who is always just sitting down as usual and doing office works, doing light jobs, little walks, no extra movements to stretch each muscles in the body which means I need to exercise.  Exercising is very important but you know sometimes I do not have discipline to myself, I mostly getting lazy to exercise, getting lazy to jog which leads to unfit and unhealthy. When it comes to food, I always eat and eat because of course I feel hungry. What is this? It is not good, right?  I wanted to change this habit of mine.  Can you join with me? Let us do this challenge "Stay Fit and Healthy" and see what it happens and changes our lives. 
In these days, I observed that I am getting fat unlike before that even I am eating all what I wanted to eat but still I am no…

Reviews on wireless earphone bluetooth

A wireless earphone is not necessary for everybody since there is an earphone which is always with the smartphone whenever you buy one. The wireless is a kind that we just wanted to use but I can say that it is necessary to drivers especially in the time of their travels, you know while they are driving they must not with their phone or else it will cause them accident.  It is easy for them to use it, only it will cause them to always charge for ready to use. 

I have these different kinds of wireless earphone bluetooth which I am not satisfied that is why I keep on changing and buying one to find the best one.

1.  X.Cell Bluetooth 535This is the nicest one and good.  You can use it on your mobile and laptop in music and in videos. The calling pair also is very clear only the charged is not staying longer especially if it is always opened.  The missing here is no buttons within it for volume ups and down or even pause, it is only the button turning on and off.

2. LB-365 Bluetooth 3.0 Wire…

Mindset Leads you to Success

Figuring out how to be more effective with how we work, relate and live is also neither simple nor clean. But it doesn’t have to be as complicated as we tend to make things out to be. As a society, we love to analyze, over analyze and then add some analysis on top. Should I? Could I? Did I? What if? Yeah but, no but, yeah but… No. what if we could simplify the sausage-making of living our lives more fully, with greater authenticity and increased mindful intention?
Enter into a game “candy crush”—it’s become popular in all phones or tech world. It’s simply thinking what to move in to just solve the problem to complete the said level especially if the game is in timing. The challenges in the game are so exciting and you are excited to play the next level to discover more challenges within the games. This is how you can figure out your life is, it's just like a game where in you can truly see exactly what's happening to yourself. It was only a matter of time to analyze what you ar…

Places to Visit in Qatar

Everyone loves going to places to here and over there, which place and everywhere; where is known as tourist spots. The nice places where to stroll and to hung-up with friends, boyfriends, girlfriends or whoever whom you wanted with.  It is very thrilling, exciting, fun and enjoying but more or less it is tiring.  One of the places I encountered or I am encountering while I am in the place is the stated above.  There are so much more but these are the popular places.
1.     Parks
Aspire Park

One of the great parks in Qatar is the Aspire; it is the best where you can also exercise, most especially jogging and walking. There are also some exercising materials settled up in the park which you can do your set-ups.
I and my friends sometimes visiting Aspire Park before proceeding Villagio Mall, the nearest in the park to buy something and to visit remittance center which in fact this remittance center is never been avoided every month or twice or even thrice just for sending money and withdraw…

The Life of Jobseeker

Hello jobless! may I ask you if where you are mostly seeking a job? in what way?  Is it in your place or international?  Well, there are many suggested or recommended options which you have to consider as a job seeker while you are in your journey. Whoah! Feel the life of jobseeker, good luck.  It’s really not as easy as just going there and gets it in.
In my experience as a job seeker in my whole life is so difficult if you are the person who is not lucky, really it is difficult.  Why I said difficult? You’ll see soon if you are in the journey. In my searching, it is really tiring and more boosting of nervousness.  I much prefer to be referred by someone because this is the easiest and fastest way to enter in or to have the said job.  No interview, no application, no exams, and just direct to orientation and a little introduction to employees.
I got my previous jobs through the referral of my friend as I had mentioned. She had been working as On-The-Job Training in the company during ou…

Gain Weight Naturally

If there are people who are easy to gain weight, there are people who also difficult to gain weight.  Some say that naturally skinny people seem to be biologically programmed to stay at a given weight but this is not true. Some people say… ”it is difficult to reduce weight but it is easy to get fat” which is not true also. It depends on the metabolism of an individual.  Our fitness success depends heavily on our habit. Many of my observations in the past that someone who has a skinny body but after few years, they become fat.  Some fat also becomes thin. Because this is how much depends on your metabolism and activity levels, depends on our living and what foods we are eating.   If you are gaining weight so fast, study your metabolism and as well as those people who want to gain weight.  a too thin body is unhealthy.  Weigh yourself and calculate if you are of normal weight. To determine how much you should weigh (your ideal body weight) several factors should be considered, including…

Maintaining Good Body Figure Naturally

What to do and what to eat to maintain good body figure?
Why mostly individuals wanted to become slim especially for ladies? Not too slim. A fat one say…”I wanted to become slim”.  A thin one say…”I wanted to become little fat”.  It is simply because we wanted a healthy body with a good body figure. 

The only problem is how we can come up with this ideal body building? In this case, many of us know how to do it but because we cannot or it is difficult for us to train our self to change habits, and attitude especially in eating and mostly we are so lazy.  So, if you do not want these things to happen to you then act early before it is too late.
Disadvantages of becoming fat:•    you cannot use your clothes before, •    it is difficult to find your clothes size in any clothes shop, •    you cannot wear any kind of clothes you wanted to wear,  •    gaining weight too much compromised health and energy as well as possible low self-esteem. •    nutritional deficiencies, •    most men do not want f…